Losing Your Mind Without Me

losing your mind without me
Bad Little Bitch Nicole

Have I been avoiding you? Ignoring you? Letting you fucking twist aching in the wind?

Or have I been on a tropical island not giving you a second thought; or even a first?

Either way, it’s been torturous hasn’t it. See the period at the end of that sentence? That’s because I know the answer. That’s called a rhetorical question. I know being without me is torture for you.

Now, pay your respects, PAY your respects, and set up your sessions. The Bad Little Bitch is here and yes, be scared. Scared, nervous, anxious, and so fucking excited your dick feels like it’s going to explode before you even hear my voice. It all blends together when it comes to me. And those of you who don’t know that? Well, puss out or risk it. I don’t give a fuck.


Risk it.


*Bad Little Bitch Nicole*

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