Bow Down Before The One You Serve

bow down
Bad Little Bitch Nicole

You’re gonna get what you deserve…

And you KNOW it isn’t this champagne pussy of mine. No motherfucking way. You are UNWORTHY of any part of my body. But you will serve me. You will worship every part of me. When you are obedient I may reward you. I may let you touch my feet. The way your useless dick stiffens at just the THOUGHT that I may let you… Hahaha. You know better than to look anywhere but where I tell you to look. Yes, I know allowing you to fix your gaze upon my sweet perfect pussy is utter torture because you know I will NEVER let you touch it. Even when I let you drink the cum of another man, a REAL man out of me, I make you wait until it slides slowly out of me dripping into your anxious waiting mouth.

You get what you deserve…

Risk it.


*Bad Little Bitch Nicole*
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